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I teach people of all levels who want to learn Norwegian in an engaging, fun and easy way! Let's go!

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My name is Tor, I am 26 years old, and I was born and raised in Norway, in the beautiful city of Tromsø!  

I am a Norwegian teacher, and 5 years ago I started to teach online. My mission is to continue to spread my love for the Norwegian language to as many people as possible worldwide!

I consider myself a very energetic, optimistic, and patient person. I also have a lot of passions for as sports and traveling, but most of all, I love teaching Norwegian, and I love Norway!  

I'm sure continuing teaching Norwegian will be fun for both me and you, so we'll see each other quite a bit for the future to come!

How I got here 

I began teaching Norwegian 5 years ago. I started out providing Skype lectures to expats and people who were simply in love with Norway and its language. I loved the feeling of helping people with individual lectures!

However, I realized that I wanted to help even more students, and that’s why I started making online courses!

So far, I am very proud to say that I have helped more than 300 students from many different countries, and I want to continue to spread the language to everyone who loves it or loves Norway!

Why I Do It

Many students come to me saying that they want to move to Norway or that they want to be able to talk with their partners or relatives in Norwegian. Others come to me saying that they want to reconnect with their roots, and some others want to learn Norwegian because they love languages!

These are super valid motivations to learn Norwegian, and there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than enabling my students to achieve these goals.

Jump on board and let’s learn Norwegian together! 

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